I guess it has been discussed already ten years ago, but I didn't care and therefore didn't listen to them those days...
Played a game with the 2nd ed rules again, and noticed this:
Back in the times of the second edition both the lasgun and the boltgun had given profile:
short range: 0-12
long range: 12-24
to-hit-modifiers: (S)+1/(L)-
wounds taken: 1
save modifier: -1
additional penetration: 1D6
The only difference between Bolters and Lasguns was the lasgun had strength 3 while the boltgun had strength 4. So how comes the lasgun is AP-, while the Boltgun has AP5 these days, when both used to have -1 ASM?
If you play an army that does not wear servo armour this is a tremendous difference! Also I think there lacks a fluff reason why bolters actually improved ap while lasguns became as bad as autoguns.