Nope this isn't a thread about how much better the game was in the old days, how rubbish things are now. Or anything like that.
Pretty much just be sharing an old memory of a game I had a while back.
I havn't been in to 40K for a long, long time, I've had maybe 3/4 games since 3rd came about. But after finding my old elder army in the attic a while back I've started to actually play a few games now. And in the main been enjoying them.
Anyway the old memory that was sparked from finding said army.

I'm not sure how long ago this was, but I know it was under rouge trader rules, and its got to be one of the most sureal moments I've ever seen ever in 40K. 2 armies, 3,000 points each, marine verus marine.
Set up was done a little differently, a roe of large boxes was put down the centre of the battlefield and both armies set up in blindness to each other.
After set up is complete comes the surprise. One army has what you would expect to see, lots of infantry squads, set up in decent position. Assault marines hugging cover, ready to leap to the next to get closer to the enemy. Devistator squads on hills or buildings, to have maximum field of fire for their heavy weapons. Also around where tanks, surport platforms, dreads and the like. The other marine army not so typical. All that set up where 10 hiding techmarines and the must have captain, minimally armed and also hiding.
With a confused look the more typical army takes the first turn and starts to move towards the very brief amount of enemies they could.
The other marine armies turn comes, all the techmarines move from hiding into the open. Then in the shooting phase they act as spotters as over 2,500 points of off table plasma surport bombards the battlefield.
After the phase has ended, their is nothing left of the more 'normal' marine army, as all thats standing alive are 2 techmarines and the still hiding marine captain. Pretty much everything including scenery had been completely vapourised.

Still brings a smile to my face today when I think about it.
So anyone else got any old or for that matter new memories, that are either funny, sad, or well just memorable?