Okay I know Daemons are created in their God's vision and stuff etc, but are they just created or do they start as minor daemons and work their way up the 'food chain' or are you a Bloodletter forever?

I am curious as some Daemon Princes are 'made' by their Gods, but was this Daemon Prince (say of Slaanesh) once a minor Daemon (aka Daemonette)?

I am just wondering as its not something I have come across in my readings and also, are all Greater Daemons made from the Warp? In fact are Greaters just created or is this some process? What makes that Daemon?

I personally would welcome the idea of the 'rank' system as it happens with Mortals and it could make things easier. Is the Warp just filled with these Daemons 'floating' around or what?

Just wondering what the Fluff monkeys think