I think it was Brandir who used to start this thread every month. Either way, it stopped, so I thought why not resurrect it?
For those who have never seen it before, the idea was that you took a moment to think back over the last month, as to what you have spent on this hobby, GW or otherwise, and as the year goes on, keep a record, and post the previous months purchases on the correct edition of this thread.

My spending
I am counting my year as April 06 through to April 07.

Purchases from the last five months (including Jan 07):

September: £0

October: £0

November: £0

December: The Two Towers journey book (£12)

January (2007): Kasrkin squad (£20), 40mm round bases (£4), Kasrkin troops blister (£7), Paints- red gore and scab red- (£4)


April- £0
May- £54
June- £4
July- £26
August- £88.80
September- £0
October- £0
November- £0
December- £12
January- £35

Year Total (from April 06) so far: £219.80

Predicted purchases for this month:
Legion of the White hand (LOTR): Ebay £43
Forgeworld Cadian parts: £60

Anyone else