Well after perusing the Empire army list, I dont know what feel I am after for my army.

I have come up with 3 options:

Nuln:- pretty explanetory, no crossbows, couple of units of handgunners, a few cannons/mortars, maybe pistoliers or outriders, none of the more exotic weaponry or very little of it, I feel Nuln would be more proud of their own weaponry than these fancy Engineer stuff... subsequently also no Engineer Character. There will of course be Other troops, I feel Halberdiers most common as these are requiered to be raised in each region and other than these many people of Nuln would like gunpowder weapons.

Altdorf/Reiksland:- Being the seat of Imperial power these would have bits of everything I imagine, a few odd Engineer made weapons, Greatswords, Knights, I like the idea of Fielding a Reiksguard army in a way however I am not keen on Kurt Helborg...

Older style: Very very few gunpowder weapons, maybe a single cannon, a single unit of Handgunners and the General with one, crossbows other than this, this list would probably include flagellents and free company more than either of the other two.

What are peoples thoughts/ideas?