I am finally going to pick an army for 40k and go with it, after a while researching I have come up with three final choices. The first being an Iyanden Eldar army, I know they have their downfalls but I love the fluff and models so thatís why they are in. The second is Witch Hunters, I already have a 500 point force of them so it would cost less, but getting to a 2000pt army would cost more I think because I am going to have my stuff painted for me so the cost can add up quickly with a high model count army. Lastly is a pure Grey Knight force, I love the fluff and models for these guys plus the model count will be fairly low, my only problem is the tactical soundness of doing this. The fact that they really donít have any really strong anti armour stuff worries me, but it would be fun. So what do you think about these choices? I know itís mostly about what army you like best but I like them all for different reasons and really donít like one above the other. Thanks for any advice or suggestions that you can offer.