Everything in the known universe is bound by similiar laws of physics. Even though demons are from the warp, which is presumably an extraplanar(as in planes in string theory and physics, not planes as in Magic The Gathering) place, they should still follow more or less basic physics when in our galaxy. Where does the matter to create demons come from. They are deffinitely are made of matter, as they bleed, talk, etc. Matter cannot be created or destroyed, so where do demons get there matter? Are they shot into real space from the realm of chaos with wierd chaos matter? That doesn't make scence though as the realm of chaos follows a different set of physical laws than our own universe/plane/dimension, and appears to be an ever-changing realm of pure energy, devoid of matter. Or is the realm of chaos like liquid space, sort off like Star Trek? I know that non of this makes any scense, but I would like to hear other peoples theories on how chaos works in Warhammer and 40k(isn't it really 41 or 42 k current 40k time???).