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    Braun II Skitarii

    Pics appear throughout; here's a preview:

    Hypaspist maniple

    COG Combat Ogryns

    True-scale Astartes Tech-aspirants

    Hey guys,
    Thought I'd throw up a log of the army I'm taking to Dark Stars 2007: the Braun II Skitarii.

    I'm using bretonnian men-at-arms as the basis for the tech-guard; and to add something a little different, I'm going to run some squads of borg-style servitors.

    Here's the first three pieces for the army; some standard (and lovely) sculpts. The campaign weekend is coming up quickly, so they're receiving a quick paintjob (that's my excuse, and I'm sticking by it).

    Apologies for the poor quality of the picture - it was dark when I got up this morning!

    There's another three finished, but the camera ran out of puff before I could take them.

    Not sure on basing yet; my cat Graham suggested urban basing, which I think would look spiffy, so I may run with that. We've got a martian board, but I'm not sure how well red-on-red would look.

    Pax, fleshbags.
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