The Witch Hunter's Codex says the distinction between Puritans and Heretics are more murky within the Hereticus than within the Malleus. I can see that. However, it seems to me there may very well be Hereticus Inquisitors who are radicals or borderline radicals.

For example, some inquisitors with radical leanings may seek to capture rogue psykers and harness their power rather than exterminate them. This would be keeping with Xanthite philosophy.

Also, I expect that radicals would not be supported by the Sororitas. They would have to resort to other Imperial forces or their own household troops. They might have rogue psykers in their retinue, bound and controlled by arcane devices. Obvious having rogue psykers nearby risks daemonic possession, but it seems like a radical would risk it if it means tapping into great power.

So any other ideas on how radical inquisitors in the Ordo Hereticus might behave or who they might align with?