I have some questions about Warmaster:

1: Is it fun?

x: How many pts is a "Normal" game?

B: How big is a model? (A single infanterist and how big are they compared to an warhammer model (I.E. 1:2,5 or 1:10 or 1:5 et.c))

*: I saw the daemon, the chaos, high elf and the lizzie list, things like Daemon beasts (Juggernaughts), drangons, dragon ogres, stegadons, carnies and slann seems to be a one per army thingy, but is it possible to have multiple small armies as a huge one? (I.E. 3 lizzie lists as one huge list with 3 slann and 3 carnies and multiple stegs and such, or a huge of multiple smaller lists like an Warmaster version of "The Manly Dragon List" but bigger and manlier)?

?: Are there any rules for Emp.Dragons?