From what I was led to believe, the original LOTR game contract was not compatible with the literary work of The Hobbit, as at that time the license extended to different parties, and therefore no movie looking stuff could be mixed with stuff that New Line did not have license to - a preventative measure against infringement cases. Henceforth BO5A was released based purely on Tolkiens literary work in The Hobbit - hence things such as Storm Giants and Hill Trolls as expanded races but no Mumak, as they were not mentioned in the book.

As GW had already licensed the book and film of LOTR through New Line as opposed to purely the Saul Zaentz company d/b/a Tokien enterprises, mixing the "Look and feel" of the movie into a product unlicensed by NLC may have been actionable. They may have attempted expansions based on purely the novels of LOTR and not the look and feel of the movies, yet this may also have been disallowed by the LOTR game license. From what I gathered from Jervis, this was pretty much a "standalone" baby - but I'm sure also a way to get more people into small scale Specialist games, as that was Jervis' command at the time - and the fact that the ruleset was pretty much verbatim the Warmaster rules the side move would be easy to make.

But yeah, shame we can't just go buy a "Pellenor Fields" box set - or whatever.

Just started painting up the models (a few years in the cupboard)- and they're lovely, but my one major problem with Warmaster style stands is the two-rank for painting - but that's just cos I need to have at least a three layer highlight on everything!

Even splashed 2 on some tiny trees to make some woods, and am seriously considering making a few more 10mm terrain pieces. I've also been knocking about with some fresh rules too. 10mm is my new love - big enough to see what the models are, but tiny enough to make a mountain fortress that looks okay and doesn't take up 4 feet! (well, if it does, it'll look even more awesome than 28mm) - plus the lady won't bark at me for using up all the cupboard space. Always a bonus.