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Thread: READ THIS: Tactics Consolidation & Tactics Forum Guidelines

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    READ THIS: Tactics Consolidation & Tactics Forum Guidelines

    A few guidelines for posting in the Tactics forum:
    If you wish to post an army list please do it in the proper forum.
    Do not post beardy or cheesed out lists, they will rarley be critiqued and you will more than likley be told to go back to the GW message boards.
    Try to make sure your lists are clear and easy to read, try not to post vague lists like this one. More information on posting army lists can be found in this thread.
    Do not fill up the tacticas with meaningless posts, its annoying having to wade through several pages of "X ro><0rz" and "Y=teh suck" just to find what you are looking for. Also, keep non-tactics related discussions to other areas please.
    Following on from the last post, only post if you are adding something to the discussion, dont simply repeat what others have said.
    Grammar and punctuation are your friends, learn more about them

    So someone suggested we get all the links to various tacticas in one thread. If i have missed any or you post a new tactica please feel free to post the link below and i will add it to this list.

    Tactica-Dogs of War
    Tactica-Skaven A.K.A The Coucil of Thirteen
    Tactica-Tomb Kings
    Tactica-Dark Elves
    Tactica-Ogre Kingdoms
    Tactica-Warriors of Chaos
    Tactica-High Elves
    Tactica-Wood Elves
    Tactica-Night Goblins
    Tactica-Vampire Counts
    Tactica Troll Kings Army
    Hordes of Chaos help for new and old players
    Pointers for starting a balanced Daemon army

    Ok, so thinking about it limiting this thread to just tacticas is a bit narrow minded, any valid and useful tactics threads can also be added, however if i deem your thread unworthy of this thread i will be suggesting that you go home and try again, please try to avoid clogging this thread with unecissary(sp?) posts, people dont want to wade through 8 pages of drivvel just to find a link, i left it open because i wont always be around to update it and i'm not infallible. Dont make me/theMODS! close this thread

    Finally-Have fun.
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