I'm playing Mordheim at the frist time this weekend and the house rules demant of using painted models. I have painted very little of FB Empre army so I only have 7 Spearmen, Sergeant, 4 Handgunners, 1 Longrifle gunner, 5 Archers, 5 Swordsmen and Captain. I was thinking of the following:

Stirland Mercenary Warband (counts as Reaiklanders) 1000gc

Leader w. Light Armor, Double-handed weapon (great hammer) 165gc
Skills: +1 WS, +1 Ld, Srongman

Champpion w. Light Armor, Shield, Sword, 100gc
Skills: +1 WS, Stp Aside

3 Warriors w. Light Armor, Shield, Helmet, Spear 70gc / 210gc

3 Marksmen w. Longbow 40gc / 120gc

2 Marksmen w. Handguns 60gc / 120gc

2 Swordsmen w. Light Armor, Shield, Sword 70gc / 140gc

2 Swordsmen w. Helmet, Shield, Sword 60gc / 120gc

= 1000gc

I only have skills on the heroes 'couse I thought they where only ones that can get them. I won't change the list anyway yet. Any toughts?