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Thread: Nobody expects the high inquisition!

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    Nobody expects the high inquisition!

    Inquisitor Lord Ximeniz stared out of his battle room window. He delighted as 6 white streaks pierced the atmosphere of the Ork planet below. His eyes didn’t break their gaze on the 6 virus bombs for one second, not even to blink. The bombs soon became specks and then to nothing, Ximeniz couldn’t see them now. He turned, his armour clanked under his red robes. In the room with him were his 2 junior Inquisitors, Biggles and Fang.

    Ximeniz strode over to the video screens on the other side of the room, the 2 Inquisitors flanked him. The 9 screens were laid out in a square. Usually they would show 9 different pictures, but now they showed one large close up of an Ork town. Ximeniz looked in disgust at the green skins and was pleased when an explosion filled the screen. He threw back his head and laughed gleefully as the smoke cleared to reveal the scorched remains of the Ork village. Fang smiled evilly, and Biggles just smiled.

    When finally Ximeniz brought his head back down, the bottom left square went black then flickered with grey static before the helmet of a space marine appeared. Ximeniz recognized the helmet; it was that of Gorgan Wasingtonne, the chapter master of the Redneck chapter, who had sworn allegiance with Ximeniz and worked with him a lot of the time. Ximeniz realised Gorgan was actually inside the power armour when the head moved and spoke.
    ‘Lord Ximeniz.’ Said Gorgan.
    ‘Yes, Gorgan?’ replied Ximeniz.
    ‘We have an ultra scan layout of the planet. It turns out some of the larger Ork cities, the ones owned by the Warlord Hugnubz, had underground bunkers which have been sealed off from the surface.’
    ‘So the virus won’t get to them, dummy!’ Ximeniz disliked being insulted, and although he could call Exterminatus on Gorgan, and his entire chapter, he preferred to keep them all alive, and Gorgan knew this.
    ‘Well,’ said Ximeniz as he attempted to reassert his authority. ‘If there are still Orks on the planet, we have to kill them! Ready drop pods for dreadnoughts and terminators, leave a few for infantry reinforcements. And leave one for me, Fang and Biggles, we will be accompanying you.’
    ‘Er, we will?’ said Biggles, nervously.
    ‘Yes we will!’ replied Ximeniz in anger.
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    Re: Nobody expects the high inquisition!

    I gather the Rednecks aren't bred for brains, judging from the average intelligence of their Chapter Master. Maybe you are going for the 'inbred, stupid' type of Rednecks. (Oh dear, are there more?)
    Inquisitor Lord Ximeniz is obviously a homicidal maniac, a bit similar to Hannibal Lecter. Except of course h didn't kill and eat anyone.

    Overall, the story is pretty good, even though it lacks the 'low-tech, gothic' look that 40k is famous for. But on the whole, a fine story, and I'd like to see more fluff (I guess another kitten just died...) about the Rednecks.

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