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Thread: Rules problems with Pirates

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    Rules problems with Pirates

    I've run into a couple problems with the Pirates rules as they are presented on the SG site.

    1. How many Gunners am I allowed? The "Choice of Warriors" section says 7, but thier unit entry says they're 0-2.
    EDIT: Looks like this is supposed to be 7, since otherwise a full henchmen group of 5 is impossible and the rules for a swivel gun are nonsensical.

    2. Swivel Gun rounds; What exactly is thier total armor modifer? For instance; Ball Shot is listed as having a -2 modifer; is this in addition to it's S5, giving it a total modifier of -4, or is it just -2?
    EDIT: Doublechecked the regular blackpowder rules, handguns and pistols are written the same way, so it looks like the modifier is total. So -4 on Ball Shot, and -2 on Chain.

    3. Grape Shot; it hits d6 other models when it hits. If three enemy models are standing in a row and I roll a six after hitting, would the other two models be hit once each and the extra hits wasted, or would each of the other two models be hit 3 times each?
    EDIT: Still no answer on this, though I'm leaning towards the extra hits being wasted.
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