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    Catferret's Campaign Begins!

    Well, I got my new campaign under way the other night. Played a couple of games against Spyrers! Eek!

    I was at my local gaming club and wanted to drum up some support for Necromunda so played a game against Palatine Katinka's Spyrers. I was a little apprehensive about playing them but really wanted a game so just bit the bullet.

    We rolled up a Gang Fight and commenced the shooting! After a few early losses my gang made it into decent positions and opened up on a couple of the Spyrers and dropped them. My Heavy Stubber only had one chance to fire all game and got 6 shots with sustained fire and proceeded to miss with all of them despite only needing 5s to hit...

    Post game a juve died but was replaced for free by one of my 3 Settlements!!! A Ganger was captured so on to game 2, Rescue Mission.

    I rolled low so only had 5 models turning up while Katinka had all 5 Spyrers. I set up my Heavy Stubber with a good field of fire and ran the others forward until they were within short range then opened up with the big gun at 2 of the sentries. One was taken out and the other was pinned before the Stubber exploded taking my Heavy OOA. Doh! Didn't set off the alarm though! That was left to everybody else firing Autoguns and Shotguns. I must have the loudest Ratskin ever...

    Rest of the game was a massacre as I systematically shredded a Spyrer a turn. I got my captive back safe and sound but my Heavy now has a Chest Wound so is T2! Got another free Juve as well...

    Roll on next weeks games!
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