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Thread: The Soul and Death.

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    The Soul and Death.

    Finally got hold of a copy of Liber Chaotica (nice work MvS!) and it got me thinking (yes, I know I think too much...), so figured I’d open a discussion on the nature of Death and the Soul in Warhammer.

    We know souls exist. The Chaos god crave them, necromancers can enslave them etc. But their nature seems a tad ill defined. LC and other sources I have read lead to the argument that the soul is a product of the Aethyr and that when a mortal dies its essence dissipates into the Realm of Chaos where it fragments and eventually resurface in entities solely governed by whatever that aspect was (and emotion a felling etc) thus creating the Gods etc.

    I see two things in the way of this theory: Necromancy and Morr.

    First off; Morr. He (or equivalent race god) owns all the soul not given over totaly to another God (like the big four). They go to his realm, where I always figured he judges them, that’s why vampires fear death so much, they still have to answer to their crimes before Morr. We know this is true because priests of Morr have the ability to “cross over” souls and similar talents concerned with passage. How can the soul both be eternal (and if you like guarded) and dissipate?

    Similarly, Necromancy. It’s a direct raid on Morr’s kingdom. Souls are stolen from him and forced into servitude. Now can this happen if the Soul is not complete after death? I’d take vast magical energy I would have thought to steal bits off the gods and reassemble an essence.

    And how about ghosts? And similar creatures like banshees bared from Morr’s realm (if such a place exists)?

    I have a few ideas how to remaby this, like there being two components to the soul but I though I’d ask if i’m making an elementary mistake about it all and if its all already been cleared up.
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