okay the total for the players is 1,000,000gc so uses up my entire treasury and they are as follows:

Skit Mc'Paw - Lineman
Corpin patch - Lineman
Stitch - Lineman
Morbolt Furrypaw - Lineman
Iklet Quirk - Thrower
Blice Stabb - Gutter Runner
Trythe Throttle - Gutter Runner
Tricin the Lethal - Gutter Runner
Thinrot the Dominator - Stormvermin Blitzer
Mutin Flesh-Cutter - Stormvermin Blitzer
Snarl - Rat Ogre

thats the 11 players on the pitch, also Sniven Hemlock, Chirake Fastpaw and Altin Longtail are 3 Lineman subs.

Was thinking of maybe dropping one blitzer for a fourth Runner?