Hey guys!

I hope to start running a Necromunda campaign in the store I work at in march. Mostly I'll be doing the GM thing, enforcing and all that, but it'd be nice to have my own little gang to have the odd fight with. Especially since some of the other staff are already thinking of getting gangs too.

Anyway, here's what I worked out tonight, haven't played Necro in lord knows how many years, and wanted some opinions.

Leader: chainsword, autopistol (155)
Heavy: heavy stubber, laspistol (195)
Heavy: flamer, laspistol (115)
Ganger: sword, autopistol (75)
Ganger: lasgun (75)
Ganger: Lasgun (75)
Ganger: Autogun (70)
Ganger: Autogun (70)
Juve: Autopistol (40)
Juve: Autopistol (40)

I figured I didn't want to arm anyone too heavily before the first game, in case they died and I lost a lot more weapons than I wanted to. Also, I plan on limiting auto/las/shotguns to max 3 of each for starting gangs, so as to avoid the imperial guard squad syndrome. Because that's really not balanced and I'd hate to have to kick people's arses for being spoilsports. Anyway, I also went slightly towards shooting to start with, because I figure I'll have more of a chance this way, I can support the combat-oriented aspects of the gang better until they're good enough to fight without too much help.

Anyway, that's about it, I'm rather sleepy now as it's half 3 in the morning. I just wanted to see what people thought and their opinions. Thanks very much