Coach of the Tuftties MordanThreepole stated today the New Zaggarand Quakes were no threat to his team. The warboss said that after a little more training in getting the boyz to run the ball to the right end of the pitch, and take a greater interest in scoring touchdowns rather than 'fightin', the Tuffties will be a team to take NZQ down.
Commenting on the Bad Boyz fear of playing against the Quakes Mordanthreepole said that is very unorky and dem boyz must hav' elf blood in them, the powder fluffs.

Wiv our new kidnapped painboy McCoy even the little sprains we might get, will be sorted. Besidez dat our orky armour is tuff as da dwarfs stuff. De alleag de allegag, de rumours dat we nik'd it from der dwarf changin rooms is not true.