ok, well recently my to paint list seems to have been getting bigger and bigger, so i decided it was time to set up a new thread for them where i can get support (read: kicked up the ass) with painting.

heres what i have to paint

Imperial Guard:
89 mordians
96 valhallans
a fistfull of commisars
a couple of tanks (still to be bought)

Blood Angels:
1 LAnd Raider
Honour Guard

1 Carnifex
and im running this army as a tale of x gamers army so it will be increasing on a monthly bases, the army is nidzilla and the basis of it can be found in the link in my sig.

and More:
a box of WIP's (some stuff will never get painted from it)

including some fire warriors that are a priority
Im also very slowly re-painting my empire army so pics from that may pop up.

anyway, heres the workspace picture:

Heres a picture of some mordians taking a swim in dettol, theyve been in it about 3 days now:

and last but not least, heres what i will be working on first, the carnifex:

thats it for now, hopefully ill get some support from my fellow warseers

cheers, BYT