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    UK GT final results

    Here's the top 10 from UK GT this year:

    1. Dimitrios Kasdovasilis - Lizardmen (2nd gen slaan)
    2. Tristram Smith - Woodelves (balanced troop heavy woodelf force)
    3. Jacob Collins (me) - Woodelves (treeman ancient + treeman combat force)
    4. Paolo Belluti - Skaven (grey seer, 3 warlocks, 2 WLCs, 3 ratling guns)
    5. Andrea Manfroni - Woodelves
    6. Chris Baker - Orcs & Goblins
    7. Chris Wilson - Woodelves
    8. Stian Engebretsen - Woodelves
    9. Thodris Kapareliotis - Dwarfs
    10. Adam Turner - Vampire Counts

    The large amount of (often very large) woods, and high density of terrain (up to 12 pieces on some tables), coupled with the new football-style scoring system all seem to have heavily slanted the results towards Woodelves.

    Special mention has to go to Phil Manwaring's ogres, who were on top table for 3 games (IIRC), and lost only to the winner and runner-up, placing 12th. Great army, great general, but some bad dice (especially in the last game).
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