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    Keep Akamanah working

    Well, with the last person in my area that plays 40k calling it quits I've found myself with little motivation to continue painting. So I will be making this, so that the wonderfull warseer community can maybe keep me working on my 40k stuff. Ok lets start the show. Currently I have a Chaos renegade army that i've been working on for some time. It's painted to a tabletop standard and in my excitement to get it done some models have slipped by the moldline scrappings, rest assured i will be going back and cleaning them up as much as possible(and then reapplying paint to the scratch marks )but remember these aren't showcase models so I'm not gonna worry to much about it. Also before anyone says anything none of the bases are done, they will be and I have the basing materials so maybe if enough of you bother me they'll get done sooner. Allright I think I've rambled enough and I know what you all came for is pics so I won't do you all dirty by not posting pics in my introduction. Behold!

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