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Thread: Breaking Tournament News: Commence the Insanity!

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    Breaking Tournament News: Commence the Insanity!

    I am very pleased to announce the first official competition of the Warseer Blood Bowl League!

    The Stunty Weapon Masters

    The crowd is baying for the sound of violence, the flowing crimson, and what better way to give it to them than by recreating the stuntied carnage of those mad creatures who play the most vicious sport in the Old World with small brains and thin armour!

    Let rip the sound of chainsaws, the calm before the commotion of the flying bomb, the impending doom of the lumbering deathroller, as the only teams invited carry the horror of Secret Weapons.

    Recipe for carnage:

    1) Start an unranked [U] team from one of the following races:
    - Chaos Halflings
    - Goblin Cheaters
    - Gnomes
    - Skyre Slaves
    - Squid Herders
    with an FF of at least 7.

    2) Try and cram as many secret weapons into the team as you can!

    3) Apply the team to The Warseer Blood Bowl League group, and we will sort out the rest!

    4) Have fun in the games! For those of you unfamiliar with stunty teams, don't expect to finish the game with more than a handful of players! Simply treat this as a challenge; foul all day, chuck those bombs.

    The tournament will be run in a Swiss style to demonstrate how these things work for all those involved and spectating. I can confirm that there will be official League points on offer for high placings in this tournament.
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