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The Emperor is now a chaos entity. Whether or not the actual "soul" of the Emperor not necessarily. The raw emotions of religion, everything from hope to sermons, will have created a warp entity.

*Slaanesh was created by the emotions of the eldar. Although the eldar have been around substantially longer, their emperie was noted as comprising hundreds of worlds (eldar codex). This is materially insignificant when in comparison to the size of the Imperium.

*The remaining ruinous powers, if not created by the emotions of humans, continue to feed on those emotions (or the warp created energy related to those emotions).

*The Imperium comprises a million worlds, and has been in existence for 10,000 years. As such, the "energy" of human emotions related to the Emperor would be quite strong.

*The living saints could be viewed as a form of Imperial demon, being effectively unkillable.

Thoughts? Arguments for and against?