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Thread: Captain Brown's Elysian Drop Troops Painting Log (Over 600 pictures)

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    Smile Captain Brown's Elysian Drop Troops Painting Log (Over 600 pictures)

    Well, here it goes a painting log on one of my Imperial Guard armies…not really an auspicious start.

    WarSeer is not a blog…you have heard that from many Moderators and Admins…well the closest thing we have to one it the Project Logs, so here is mine. Many of you know me from my posts in the WarSeer Painting and Support Group, but since I do not want to clutter that with pictures and gabbing about however I feel about my painting that day I figured I would start this thread.

    Elysians have been done several times already, why did I do them? Well they are different from the rest of my Guard armies which tend to be troop heavy and wargear light, designed for the most men in the trenches while the Elysians fall under the ‘elite’ regiments, with expensive equipment and vehicles (both in points and cold, hard cash). That and Forge World stuff is just so damn cool…sort of like gamer porn, although getting it in Canada is a bit on the costly side once you add in their shipping rates and the brokerage rates you get charged by UPS (first tip: order at Christmas during their free holiday shipping period and take air mail not express).

    Any how, back to my painting log, I already have very large painted Cityfight Cadian, Necromundian, and Steel Legion armies so some paratroopers seemed a neat counter balance…OK the Forge World flyers are really cool as well. In the past I have done two other Catachan armies, another Cadian army, a Stormtrooper army and a previous Necromundian army back in the Rogue Trader era (which have been sold).

    My other Guard armies have recently become the whipping boys for the other players in my main group as I tend to field ‘fluffy’ armies less concerned with point pay-back or other math-hammer stat logic, that and they really like beating me as my Guard used to run the table in earlier editions. So let’s get to the paras…

    When you first get your Forge World order in a box (that will cause your wife to raise her eyebrows saying ‘you only got that much for what you paid?’). Check to make sure that all the components are present, my Valkyrie was missing one of the weapon/sensor backing units and the rear canopy was somewhat flat (not just flattened but melted flat). One of the Drop Troop squads was missing the shoulder pad sprues, but other than those two minor items the kits came as described and did not suffer in transit. The Forge World folks were more than happy to send out the three missing items and were also great in tracking the orders so I recommend their customer service (I know some of you will say that you pay for it, but there is not a mass market for Forge World like some other games).

    So here is the Valkyrie and a couple of Drop Trooper Squads (Command HQ and Squad).

    and out of the bag...lots of bits.

    The Valkyrie also has the replacement parts and as you can see is a whole load of resin, I am going to check out the instructions and sand/cut off the excess material).

    The long painting war continues…

    Captain Brown

    PS: Here is a group shot from February 2009

    Granted it is a little blurry, but it gives you an idea of how far the army has come.

    Army in July 2017

    I guess a table of contents might here are some of the highlights.

    First Sentinel is Page 3
    Second Sentinel is Page 15
    Sentry Gun Tutorial is Page 15

    Please excuse the bad links as I leave Photobucket for Imgur.
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