Never seen one of these before, have you?

Jewel, er, gem somethings or other
Van Saar gang

Black Jack Diamond leader
bolt pistol, lasgun, 165cred

Glint heavy
Heavy plasma gun, lasgun

Facet ganger
bolt pistol, lasgun, 110cred

Ridge ganger
laspistol, club, frag grenades 115 cred

Opaline juve
autopistol, 40cred

Olavine juve
autopistol, 40cred

Glass juve
laspistol, club 65cred

Rikki Ratboy Ratskin scout +2 I, dodge
shotgun(solid, scatter), blindsnake pouch, club, 15cred

guilder contact
water still

15cred stash

Trying to stay at 8 models so I can hire a heavy and not get hit by the next income band.

comments, criticisms, headpattings all welcomed.