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Thread: Anything new in the works?

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    Anything new in the works?

    Any word if there will be any more revamping of BB miniatures in line with the human team, or elves?
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    Re: Anything new in the works?

    At the moment, unlikely.

    With the fact that there's a dwarf team that was scuplted, and never released, and supposedly a new skaven team started 2 or 3 years ago, I wouldn't hold your breathe.

    And if anyone comes on and says a new boxset is due this year, they're sadly mistaken. A member of the BBRC I know has spoken to Jervis Johnson and Andy hall regarding this, and although that was the original plan, GW has no plans for a BB box at the present time. There's still an outside chance there might be one around the end of next year, but JJ wasn't confident about that.
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