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Thread: [1.5k MechTau]Need help with the building.

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    Question [1.5k]MechTau

    Hello, Portent (oops - I mean, Warseer )!

    After a string of bitter losses, I feel let down by my Tau (for the fourth time in three and a bit years, but heh). Since I've put quite a bunch of cash in the Tau force I have so far (it used to be 2k static, then I sold half of it and bought some extras, and I'm eventually going to buy what I need to put it back up to 1.5k, then 2k - that's about 350 so far, and another 120 at least to go), I've decided to force myself to stick with it and ask for help rewriting my army list:

    HQ Shas'el - fusion blaster, missile pod and multi-tracker.

    Elite Shas'ui - same kit.

    Elite Ditto.

    Troop 12 * FW - Shas'ui (130)
    Devilfish - decoy launchers, multi-tracker. (95)

    Troop Ditto.

    Support Broadside - twin-linked railguns, smart missile system and multi-tracker.

    Support Ditto.

    Support Railhead - burst cannons, decoy launchers and multi-tracker.

    Total 998 points.

    That being the list I currently use, shown only so you can see what I normally play - this thread is an attempt at rebuilding a whole new list, from scratch.

    As far as what I'm trying to go for is concerned, it's simple: I've had enough with losing, so I'm going for the "beardiest" possible MechTau list (heh, I said "beard" and Tau in the same sentence) in 1.5k format. I suppose it would run along the lines of 2 * 'el + 2 * unit of 2 CS + unit of 6 SS (four don't seem to do enough damage before they die), minimal FW units and maybe some Kroot, and as many Hammerheads as can possibly be packed in. The problem is, after that, I've no clue what the details are to be. I also need to have a 1k list following that template, which I'll work out later on.

    I know what the army will look like in general, but I have no idea what the details are going to be, and how to fine-tune things, hence my asking for help. As far as the Crisis suits are concerned, squads of two suits are the way to go. That would give me the following:
    Helios team - 2 * Shas'ui; TLPR + TL/TLPR + ?.
    Deathrain team - 2 * Shas'ui; TLMP + TL/TLMP + ?

    I also have a huge problem with transports - I always (and I mean it) unload either too early, or too late (i.e. not at all). I just can't seem to get the right moment, which is why while my original 1.5k list had three Fish units, I'm thinking of taking only two - but I feel that's not enough. A short list of the questions I'm asking myself:

    - HQ section: what, how many and equipped how?
    - Elite section: how many stealth suits? What to give the second member of each of the Crisis squads?
    - Troop: is only twenty four fire warriors too little infantry? How am I going to cope with opposite troops if I have so little anti-infatry firepower myself, especially since they seem to always die/be tied up in CC by turn two?
    - Heavy Support: target lock and 170 points, or no target lock and 165 points (I field them RG + BCs + DL + MT)? SMS or BCs?

    Of course, some of this will probably be moot when (if?) they bring out Codex: Tau Empires (or whatever they're deciding to name it) and its new race of winged aliens, but this is doing with what he have and dealing with the now.
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