Me and my brainboy have been looking at those smelly man.. man.... er flying card thingz. I think my pet squigeon could do a better job, I'll get my mechboy to tape a crayon on itz headziez.

Now why I dont likez them.

1. Dey r really boring. Where are the bright colours and dags and checks. They are just blue... how rubbish is that. a colourblind boar leave pile of poo that are more interesting... They needz more cool glyphs and stuff. Hey and they could evenz be different colourz depending on how good your plane needs to be to use dem. that would be using your noggin wouldn't it.

2. Da numbers are too small. How am I supposed to find a card when they are over the table. It would take a grot with a telescope. BIGGA numberz DATS the way.

3. Why are they like card shape? Dey don't have to be. My brainboys say dey can be any shape. So why not a shape where the little bases on da ships fit into the card making dem easier to move like correctly?...

4. Why use long words like alt...altimatude when like a glyph with an up and down arrow would do.... hey if you like use the colours for the different card typez above you could colour the arrows to match. so if you could drop like 2 levels when you are high man... man.. you know what I mean, you could colour it to match the high ma...

Anyone got any ideas... If da brainboyz have forgot something I'll give dem a good hiding.