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Thread: Eureka release 10mm "Mumak" and Ents

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    Eureka release 10mm "Mumak" and Ents

    Eureka have released a 10mm war elephant its very similar to a Mumak it even has 4 tusks and a 2 tier howdah - wonder where they got that idea. Put some araby archers in the howdah and your set.

    Its cheap to Aus$12 which is GB£4.92 or US$9.62

    One pack of Araby Archers should be enough crew for several elephants.
    The araby elephant crew are molded into the howdah so they won't work.


    Heres pic of the war mammoth for scale I assume its a similar size.

    They've also released 18mm scale Ents as well which should be of a suitable scale for BOFA.

    Your supposed to add your own foliage to the top branches see the gallery picture here:

    They're not bad at all. I think they may need to be slightly repositioned especially the fingers and the face could be stronger but overall good plenty of scope for conversions.

    Fighting 15s are the UK stockist if you don't want to order from Australia (postage is about 40%). I emailed then and they said they'd have the new stuff in 5 - 6 weeks.

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    Re: Eureka release 10mm "Mumak" and Ents

    thanks for that, they seem good.

    i might have to expand my boxset then

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    Re: Eureka release 10mm "Mumak" and Ents

    The treemen figures really -do- look awesome, you could expand your force greatly for very cheap.


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    Re: Eureka release 10mm "Mumak" and Ents

    Woohoo! Thanks for sharing. First post in a year. Mez

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