I've just started building a DoW army based on a human Tilean mercenary band. I really liked the idea of a couple of deep blocks of Pikemen to form a nice center for my army to build around. What did suprise me though was how little my gaming group thought of pikes.

I was advised to drop them and go for something else but after rereading the rules I really can't see what there isn't to like. Your unit can fight in 4 ranks giving you an insane amount of attacks, you get to strike first in the first round of any combat (unless your opponant has special rules that say otherwise) and you get a bonus to strength when charged by cavalry, warmachines or monsters.

On the downsides the pike counts as two handed so the best save you can get on your Pikemen is a 5+ leaving them vunerable to being shot and the fact that you don't get the pike bonuses if you get charged in the flank or the rear.

So what are other peoples thoughts?