Simple Question really. Do you guys want me running this?

Firstly, this is not a "Oh woe is me" thread - I'm still going to be playing and writing the Warseer News regardless, but it seems that people aren't entirely happy with the decisions I've had to make. This thread is open as I want to see what people think and if they believe I've made these changes for the right reasons and the good of the League. If someone wants to say something, come forth and say something. You feel you could do better? Seriously I'm listening and willing to step down should people feel I'm not fairly trying to make this league into a place you all want to be apart of. The only thing I want to make clear is issues with the Warseer News should NOT be brought up at all, as it is totally independant from the League in that I write that for fun, with my views of who should be where and what content to included, and is in no way deemed the be all and end all of if you have say great players or who thinks you're going to win. In real life sometimes you don't agree with people making certain places, or guys who say that Elvis was the greatest - Same goes here, it's just fun.

So, if you have a problem with how I'm running this league, please, step forward now.