hey all,
saw something interesting the other day when i was at the casino with some good friends, we bumped into some guys we used to go to school with and one of them was wearing a t-shirt that caught my attention. THis is why: It was bright green for starters, but smack bang in the middle of this t shirt was the imperial aquilla in all its glory, perfect in detail down to the one eyed heads and so on. Now this t shirt had south jive or something like that written across the top of the chest in 70's disco looking writing which really didnt fit but anyway. It wasnt a home made shirt as it had the south jive (what ever that is) tagged across the back so i guess it is a brand or something but my researching the net has come up with nothing. Was wondering if anyone else had seen something like this or knew the company, i just think that GW would crack down on this especially as it looks so out of place and really crap overall.