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    Model Availability

    There has always been some amount of debate regarding Games Workshop's policy towards "special edition" models along with limited releases. On one side of the arguement it seems unfair that certain people will have access to models while the same opportunity does not arise for others. On the other, the people who are allowed access to those models still had to go through proper steps--available to everyone--along with spending the money to acquire the model.

    With the recent U.S. release of the Wood Elf army boxset Games Workshop placed a limit on the number available through their online store, and limited quantaties sent to most stores. In the city that I live in a total of 4 boxsets were sent--2 per hobby store--all sold upon arrival. The boxsets were only available for three-days before the online store had completely sold out.

    My question is this--
    Does Games Workshop encourage "blackmarket" sales of their product by limiting the amount released to the general public? Currently markets such as eBay and other online auction sites are taking advantage of the limited availability of models. If Games Workshop were to change this policy and make all models more readily available--including "special edition" models, such as Army Battle Standard Bearers--could Games Workshop effectively increase their profit while decreasing the profit of aforesaid "blackmarket" sellers?

    Edit:I'm not just discussing the Wood Elf boxset--this is just an easy example. I'm also discussing models limited to Gamesday, like Archaon or the Limited Edition Black Orc. Models, that are not openly accessable to everyone.
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