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    Dwarf Holds

    Ich habe eine Frage meine Brudes und Schwesteren. What Dwarf Holds are still actually in Dwarf control, if only partially, and which ones have been taken and/or destroyed. I know that Karak Azgal is now held by the Dwarfs after Skalf slew some weird-name dragon. And Karaks Hirn, Norn, Azul, Izor, Kadrin(I think, or did SoC kill it?) And Karaz a Karak and Zhufbar. I know Karak Varn got flooded and destroyed, Karaz Silverspear died somehow along with Karaz Gunbad and Karak Ungor got eaten by the Skaven. Karak Vlag disappeared. But the ones I'm not sure of are Karaks Eight Peaks, Zorn and Dum. I think Karak Dum got trashed at the end of Daemonslayer, right? And Karak Eight Peaks I have seen been said tp be ruled over by the Skaven, the Goblins under Skarsnik or is under the rulership of King Belegaer. Zorn I know nothing about except it is supposedly the first ever Dwarf Hold and is located in the Southlands, but I've only seen it mentioned in the Lizardmen book. Can anyone clairfy this for a poor, background confused Freak?
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