Rather than entitling this thread with something 'softer,' here goes-

Having gamed with the Lizard army exclusively for the last 2 years, I somewhat find the Slann over valued.

While it does have great magic potential, especially with the older generations, I still find the model lacking given the amount of points invested into the character.

A few weeks back, a friend and I were discussing the merits of a Slann-led army during the course of our campaign, and almost all who overheard our conversation agreed with our opinion:

- Slann rarely make their points back. Period.

Add to this the fact that all good (experienced) players quickly realize that once you pummel the unit the Slann is in (usually Temple Guard, which ALSO cost too much IMO), the game is pretty much over for the Lizards.

[while most might see this thread as another boring Lizardmen issue, I would like to read what some of us think, if possible]