I am back with more BFSP Chaos Dwarfs! This time a pair of Sorcerers, one Metal Sorcerer, one Fire Sorcerer.

Here are the pair, front...

...and back. As you can see I have filled in the rune, to turn the cannonball into an Orb.

Metal Sorcerer...

...and Fire Sorcerer.

The pair again, on the cutting board.

As you can see, for this guy, I merely scraped a bit away from the front and back of the beard.

A standard bulletin board pin was used for the hat by cutting the back end off, and clipping off most of the pin itself, leaving a pit to actually "pin" the spike on top. Not shown here, but I cut off the top of his helmet, and shaved down the hair on his backside, and both sides of his beard before GreenStuff was added.

I'd love your comments, kudos, or questions! For many more BFSP conversions check the link in my sig.

Edit: I will probably add some tusks to the Fire one as well!