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Thread: GrahamGilchrist's Tau Farsight Cadre and scratchbuilt Orca Log

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    GrahamGilchrist's Tau Farsight Cadre and scratchbuilt Orca Log

    Contents: [*updated*]

    Test Models:
    Crisis suit (see this post)
    Fire Warrior
    Stealth Suit

    Scratchbuilt Orca:
    Construction Starts
    Finished before undercoat
    Sprayed undercoat
    W-I-P painting

    WIP models:
    Stealth Team
    All crisis suits
    Crisis suits 1
    Crisis suits 2
    Crisis suits 3
    Crisis suits 4
    Crisis suits 5
    Crisis suits 6
    Crisis suit Commander undercoat (counts as Farsight)
    Crisis Commanders base coat
    Remora Drones

    Army Shot

    Finished Models:
    Fire warriors
    Broadside 1
    Broadside 2
    Stealth Teams


    I thought I would show off and ask for feedback on some of the test models I have just completed for my new Tau army. This is not a project log, although I may make one later on. There are going to be desert based and have a strongly contrasting black and orange colour scheme I came up with whilst playing Dawn of War.

    The army is going to be using the Farsight rules and will be suit-heavy, although hopefully not cheesily so, as I am restricing myself on other unit choices (only crisis, stealths, fire warriors and drones).

    I have done tests for:
    crisis suit
    fire warrior
    stealth suit

    *****Edit Update******
    If you can't see the images here then you can go to my Picasa album.

    Crisis suit

    This is the painted test crisis suit for my Tau army. I'm not sure about the black highlighting yet. There are a lot of black highlighting techniques and It's difficult to paint a black which looks properly shiny. The weapons are also all magnetized, since I don't yet know how I will arm them.

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