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Thread: Marsekay's Painting Log - 2007-????

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    Marsekay's Painting Log - 2007-????


    Well hello everyone.
    First im gonna apologise for my keyboard, the space bars bust....
    anyway i signed up for the tale of 40k painters with 2000 pts of imperial fists.
    i need to get approx 200 pts painted by the end of july.
    bit of a task as i had no paints or models until today.

    Anyway im painting imperial fists and hopefully i will get ahead of myself and get over 2000 pts at some point.

    ok month one consists of a 5 man tac squad with a razorback.

    nice and simple...

    except its yellow....

    first i got my paint set out.

    Then i chacked my sprues...

    Yep all there!!

    Ok nexty i cleaned up and assembled the squad. the bolters were notfixed for ease of painting....

    i made the interior section of the razorback as i wanted to prime that black.

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