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    HiveFleet Gorgon

    With the nids upon us this log will be updated once again.
    Have a look on page 20 for a current army shot!

    __________________________________________________ _______________
    (The guys will be dipped)

    After playing Necrons, and Dark Eldar for a while, I have decided to get a new army.

    I picked Tyranids because, models are cool, awesome in cc, and can have a lot of firepower if your in close range.

    So I made this log to motivate me to get a 1500pt army.
    So far I have,

    1 Carnifex
    35 Termaguants
    8 Hormogaunts
    8 Genestealers
    3 Warriors
    4 Rippers

    Anyways I'd like to get some feedback on them, oh yeah they are also going to be dipped

    Here are some pics so you can see the color scheme.

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