Thought I'd post this since there hasn't been a thread for this game yet... I had basically two choices to get into a new game last winter. It was going to either be Infinity or Dark Age. After reviewing the Quick Starts for both and then browsing the online store for both, DA won over. The freedom of action that each models Action Points give were the biggest winner for me, being able to basically do what you wish with each model until you use up their action points. Not being required to have any kind of "leader" is pretty cool to. There are a few models that require a prerequisite model to be in the force, but not many.

Price, you can't beat the price in any game for the quality of models that they give you. $19.99 is their most expensive metal model and that is one of the special characters in the game who easily stands head to head with any heavy jack in Warmachine. Most games are 500 points, and that would cost you about $35-$50 full retail which is incredible.

It's post apocalyptic for the most part, but it's a well done story line and already has a few expansions out or in the works. On top of everything else, the models are sculpted forms of a lot of Brom's artwork (think AD&D's Dark Sun artwork for those not familiar).

So who plays, who's thought of it? Who has decided against it for what other game and why? (and yes, you can have a difference of opinion in this thread and say why you didn't play Dark Age or won't play). I want to see a good amount of viewpoints.

Here is the website, browse the online store when you get a chance and see the lovelies