Hello to my fellow Warseers, and thanks for taking an interest in my first project log. Some of you may have seen some snaps of my Blood Axes floating around on the “Who Loves Orks?” thread. I’d been meaning to do an Ork army for quite a while – I’ve been in this hobby for at least a decade – but never really got around to it, until last summer when I finally had a spare bit of time and cash.
I decided on a Blood Axe themed army without a moment’s hesitation, I just love their pseudo-military styling and mercenary nature. The initial list I devised was an all footslogging force using Codex: Orks rather than the clan list. I tried it out in a couple of games using proxies and undercoated models, but it didn’t function as well as I’d have liked. But I learned from my mistakes in true Blood Axe fashion, and now my list has evolved into the following…

Nuzzgrond’s Dead ‘Ard Shooty Boyz – 1500 points


Kaptain Nuzzgrond, Warboss (60)
‘Eavy Armour (8), Shiny Medal [counts as Big Horns] (6), Shoota w/ ‘More Dakka’ & ‘Shootier’ (8), Choppa (2)
Total – 85

Doc Zugberg, Painboss (25)
‘Eavy Armour (8), Power Klaw (25), Choppa (2), Dok’s Tools (1)
Zugberg’s “Patients”, 9 Cyborks (117)
Da Ambulance, Trukk (30)
Armour Plates (5), Grot Riggers (2)
Total – 207


Grimtuff’s ‘Ard Boyz, 15 ‘Ard Boyz (180)
3 Big Shootas (24), 9 Shootas (0), 2 Choppas & Sluggas (0)
Grimtuff, Nob upgrade (16), Big Shoota (12), Power Klaw (25).
Total – 257

Gron’s Sneaky Kommandos, 7 Kommandos (70)
Big Shoota (8), 5 Shootas (0)
Gron, Nob upgrade (11), Big Shoota (12), Power Klaw (25)
Total – 126

Gutsnik’s Choppy Kommandos, 7 Kommandos (70)
7 Choppas & Sluggas (0)
Gutsnik, Nob upgrade (11), Choppa (0), Power Klaw (25)
Total – 106


Muggrub’s Dakka Mob, 10 Shoota Boyz (80)
3 Big Shootas (24)
Muggrub, Nob upgrade (12), Big Shoota (12), Choppa (2), Bosspole (3).
Total – 133

Gobshak’s Shoota Mob, 10 Shoota Boyz (80)
3 Big Shootas (24)
Gobshak, Nob upgrade (12), Big Shoota (12), Choppa (2), Bosspole (3).
Total – 133

Badrot’s Tank Fraggerz, 10 Tank Bustas (110)
3 Rokkit Launchas (21)
Badrot, Nob upgrade (11), Rokkit Launcha (8), Bosspole (3).
Total – 153


Nuzzgrond’s Boss Wagon, Battlewagon (120)
Zzap Gun (15), Armour Plates (10), Grot Riggers (2)
Total – 147

Da Wagons, 3 Looted Rhinos (150)
Total – 150

ARMY TOTAL – 1497 points / 70 Infantry / 5 Vehicles

Is this the most effective Ork list ever devised? Erm, probably not, but I’m trying to stick with the Blood Axe character, and I’m pretty happy with the choices I’ve made. I also have a FW Fighter-Bomba (piloted by the legendary “Squiggles”) and a couple of Dreads which I’ll use to expand the list up to 2k.

Alright, that’s enough chat, onto the pretty pictures of all the models that I’ve managed to finish so far.

This is Kaptin Nuzzgrond, my Warboss. He was actually my first large-scale use of green stuff, and I think he turned out pretty well.

Next we have Doc Zugburg, my Painboss. You’ll notice his weapons are different from those mentioned above as he was built for the previous version of the army list, so these will be changed eventually. I also want to redo the mirror on his head to get it a bit more circular.