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Thread: What to purchase next for Tau?

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    What to purchase next for Tau?


    Wasnt sure where this would fit. I need help deciding on a Tau Purchase:

    I have an ethereal, 6 Crisis Suits, one Broadside, 2 Hammerheads, a devilfish, a squad of pathfinders, a 6 man squad of xv15 Stealth suits, 5 12 man squads of fire warriors, a squad of kroot and 24 gun drones.

    I was thinking of getting a Tau commander in a crisis suit, and two Pirhanna and a krootox for my kroot squad. Im also thinking maybe another Broadside, but I also like the Skyray. Which of the two heavy supports should I get? Im thinking with 2 Broadsides on a team, that would give me better survivability than with just one Skyray. Also, I already have 2 Hammerheads, so maybe just one Broadside and leave my heavies at that? With regards to the Pirhanna, are they worth their points? Having an ethereal, should I bother upgrading to a Tau commander?

    I've had my Tau for a number of years, but only recently been building the models that I have on hand and bought the codex 3 months ago. OK, so Im slow at building an army Forgive my ignorance on Tau composition :confused:
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