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Thread: Poll : LR's .. worth the 250+ ?

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    Poll : LR's .. worth the 250+ ?

    Something i've been thinking alot about for a hell of a long time now. Are LR's worth the points you pay for them?

    I can't help but look past the sheer size of it, the impressiveness of it and all the other cool stuff it has on offer and see only the damn points cost for one of these things. I figure i put that down, it will be shot to bits, Armour 14 sure. But i don't think it'l take much to pull this monstrisity down.

    So im wondering, who plays them? against who? when do you not take a LR and finally, how they have performed for people over the years.

    EDIT :: Sorry, this was unclear, due to lack of sleep and yet another all-nighter. I did also mean to include Crusaders. It was more a LR in general as their is a whole 15pts inbetween the two ::
    Last edited by WoW_Auron; 27-04-2007 at 06:52. Reason: Was meant to include Crusaders into the question.

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