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Thread: "A game for life"?

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    "A game for life"?

    Something struck me recently in an otherwise standard slanging match I was observing between pro-GW tribesmen and pro-PP tribesmen. It was this:

    Is it reasonable for us to expect a manufacturer (be it GW, PP, Rackham or whoever) to create a game that will continue to be playable by us for the forever?

    I say this because personally I like variety and the thought of only playing one game for the rest of my life bores me silly. However good the game I am always going to want to experiment and try others. At the minute my two main games are LotR and WM, but I'm quite happy that that situation will likely change at some time in the future.

    On the other hand, many people here and on other forums have been playing 40k (or whatever, but I do have the impression that this phenomenon is manly exhibited by 40k players) exclusively since they started, have no interest in other games, and expect the manufacturer to continue to produce output of interest to them to keep them "hooked" on the game for the rest of their lives.

    Personally I woudln't say that was a reasonable expectation, but you may disagree.

    On the third (??) hand, we have those who naysay PP's games on the basis that "they don't have the staying potential" that 40k has, as if somehow a good game needs to be infinitely extendable to be worth considering buying into.

    I am genuinely interested in hearing whether (and particularly how) you believe it is possible for one game system to be maintained in an interesting state for an indefinite period. I am trying not to sland this toward or against any individual manufacturer's behaviour/reputation/practices, although as I have said, I have my own personal opinion as to the answer to this question regarding my own attitudes.
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