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    Fanatic Online Issue 90 - Review

    This issue out a little earlier than usual because I’m on holiday (vacation) for the next few weeks.

    Firs up we have house rules for a BFG Black Templar Space Marine Fleet list. Written by Battlefleet Gothic rules guru, Ray Bell. Read it now.

    Next up we have a fantastic campaign supplement by Firuz the Accursed and his fellow Inquisitors gamers. One of the best ever Fanatic Online articles I’ve ever published in my humble opinion. Warning – it's a very large file, over 620MB. Read it now.

    The third and final article is yet another army list this time for Epic. None other than an experimental Chaos Space Marine Death Guard army list. Thanks to Eoin Whelan for supplying this. Read it now.

    Eoin has also provided me with the next version of the Emperor’s Children army list, which can be found on the Epic Experimental Rules page.

    We also now have a new Blood Bowl Player Aid, a very practical Match record sheet. Thanks to Kevin Schoemehl for supplying this. Download from the Blood Bowl Player Aids page.

    As well as that we also have a new version of the Online Rulebook, a ‘clean’ and complete version with all the fonts in the same colour (as opposed to some passages in red to highlight the changes). Download from our Blood Bowl Rulebook page or simply click here (large file – 7.1MB).

    As I said in an earlier entry unfortunately, for the first time in six years, I can’t attend this year’s Blood Bowl tournament as I’m off gallivanting around the US. I’d like to wish everyone who’s attending and whom I usually bump into at this event well and hope you all have a good tournament. Jervis says he’ll be on hand so please go and have a chat with him.

    I shall talk to you all again later on in the month.

    For now,
    Andy @ Fanatic
    Brief reviews of the articles to come. At the moment just reading through it there are 3 Force List, a massive Inquistor Campaign, and Blood Bowl player aids and the 'most' up to date rule book.
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