Hello all !

In this log I will try to build a CoD modular table as my first project. The idea is to build a table on top of 24 squares, each being 12"x12", like it can be seen on GW's web site.

So ... last summer I bought the CoD box (the one with the CoD book in it) : it contains basically one Basilica Administratum and one Sanctum Imperialis, plus some accessory sprues. I also got a Manufactorum box and some barricades. After building those three ruins, my wife and I played a lot using them with other terrain. I didn't paint them though.

And a few weeks ago, reading the logs in this forum I decided I'd have a go at it. I went to my local store (I live in south France) and bought two Imperial Sector boxes, and with the discount I had two Manufactorum boxes for free :)

Ok, on to the pics !

The boxes :

A view of the table with the sprues and the three ruins I made :

The sprues :

The ruins :

To be continued on next post ...