Not sure whether this or the Stories and Art forum is the right place for this - but considering that it's a blend of story and Inquisitor gaming posts, I figured this should be OK...

Basically, I finished running an Inquisitor campaign recently. The campaign consisted of 4 gaming sessions, with 4 different player character warbands. In between the gaming sessions, narrative stories moved the tale along

One of the player's used a lone Eldar Ranger by the name of Eoheran. This is his tale, the campaign from his perspective. In this post I intend to tell Eoheran's campaign experience, through stories and descriptions of the events during gaming sessions. I hope you enjoy it, feel free to post comments and criticisms.


Eoheran is the Last Child of Dilherran, the one survivor of his Craftworld's destruction. As a Ranger of the Avenger Kindred, he has sworn to combat the enemies of his race from the shadows, whilst seeking vengeance upon those responsible for his Craftworld's destruction.

Upon the world of Benevolence three years, Eoheran came into contact with an Inquisitor Austus. This was in fact no coincidence - Austus, a fierce radical and pyromantic psyker, had been identified as a potential threat to the Eldar race, and one that Eoheran had seen fit to investigate. Soon Eoheran had set his sights on executing Austus, even teaming up with another Mon-Keigh, Inquisitor Hectus in order to do so. Unfortunately, Austus was able to escape their clutches, and now flees from invisible enemies - both his Inquisitorial Masters who's mission he failed to complete upon Benevolence, and the Eldar Ranger who hunts for him still.

I hope this is enough of an intro, ask away if you still have any questions.