I have always loved the idea of Epic Orks. 40k Orks, whilst fun have never done the race justice (why overrun the base with 100 Orks when you can have a thousand?), so I thought it was time I started a small Epic Ork army (small because I don't know anybody who plays). To this end I have bought a Space Marine Ork Invasion set from ebay, which should be winging its way to me as we speak. I know these are very old models, but they are the era which first attracted me to Epic Orks, so I thought it was worth getting.

Does anybody have any clue what is in the box? All I know is there are 300 figures in the box (which is about 60 stands, I believe, although some will undoubtably be vehicles), and its all plastic. Where can I find pictures of those figures? I have searched and searched, and can only find pictures on more recent models (Armageddon).